World Class Sales Pros – what they do…

…that distinguishes them from everyone else who sells.

1) They disqualify quickly (not qualify, but disqualify first)

2) They realize that feature/benefit selling has limited use today and motivate buyers by offering both benefits and problems solving conversations

3) They respect prospects while evoking respect in return (this is a big deal in a world where prospects believe reps are snakes and reps believe prospects are liars)

4) They don’t crash on contact. Great reps have a distinct approach to create fabulous first impressions

5) They don’t earn combat pay. Handling adversity and all the negative things that occur in a selling life (up to 90% of all interactions!) is done in a healthy fashion

6) They focus on three investments for themselves – improving themselves personally (hair, clothes, shoes, appearance); improving tools (best equipment, software, pdas, etc.); improving their brainpower (sales education in class, by book, audio, video learning)

7) They participate in Mentor Mania. World class sales pros accelerate their learning process by finding a smarter, wiser individual who can coach them quickly toward success

Want more detail on these seven issues? How about some hilarious sales horror stories that reveal the truth of these strategies?

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