World Cup – enough!

Prankster’s balls of concrete

German police are hunting a ‘prankster’ who has been filling footballs (that is, soccer balls to Americans) with concrete.

The footballs have been left around Berlin with signs saying: “Can you kick it?”

Six of the concrete stuffed footballs have been found so far, all chained to fences.

A spokesman for the Berlin police said: “So far two young men, a 21-year-old and a 23-year-old, have been treated for injuries to their feet after kicking the footballs.

“We think they could have been left by someone who is sick of the World Cup and are investigating the matter as the balls seem to be deliberately designed to injure.”

Memory time, salespeople – what is the biggest surprise you had when going into sales?

How complex selling really is? How much work is involved to attain success? How organized you have to be in your time management?

For me it was how hard it was to talk to people one on one. You’re eye to eye with someone who is deciding whether to give you money. When you’re young, that’s just a lot of weight on your mind.

Look back into your selling past and see how far you’ve come. Now, how far can you go from where you are today?

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