X-Men & Mutant Reps

Let’s face it. The world thinks that sales people are mutants anyway.

In this third X-Men movie, a group of influential people have decided that a good solution to handling mutants is to remove their powers, and an anti-body is formed.

What if that occurred to those of us who sell?

What if we no longer had the ability to persuade and motivate others?

How dramatically would our lifestyles be affected by a significant reduction in income?

Where would we work?

Who would hire us?

Inside the mind of every human on the planet is a jewel in the rough – a diamond of astronomical proportions. It is the thought that we can bring value to others, regardless of our jobs, our dress, our language, even our religious beliefs.

Do you have an identity beyond that of your work success (or struggles)?

Are you building into, bettering others?

We might be mutants because we choose to be different from fixed-income workers.

But even X-Men delight those around them. Go and do the same.

Take some time at work, at home, at play to delight the hearts and minds of anyone you connect with.

You’ll prove yourself of value to them. And you’ll be adding a little sparkle to that diamond in your brain, the place where your thoughts are formed, nurtured and shared.

Go shine today on your portion of the planet.

That’s true mutant behavior.

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