You know you’re in Trouble…

You know you’re in trouble when you go to the airline desk to complain about losing your luggage and the guy behind the counter is wearing your clothes.

Travel question for you sales reps and entrepreneurs – how efficient are you at planning your trips?

It’s expensive to hit the road today, so are you thinking of every possible activity to tie into that appointment?

For example, when I fly out around the country to speak, I bring extra copies of my Sales Comic Book and Revenge of the Reps video game. I give them to the Director of Sales at the hotel where I’m staying.

I also look for other companies with events at the same property to give them my promotional gifts as well.

Additionally, I invite other local contacts to come see me perform, it could lead to more business.

So next time you begin planning a trip – by air or car (or boat, if you’re that fortunate), think of all the ways you can spin that time into some guerrilla marketing efforts.

That’s smart sales planning!

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