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See Dan in person, in action, in this unique and useful 1-day adventure! Hilarious sales horror stories, great learning and masterful moves to make you more money.


Master 5 Strategies that Distinguish World Class Sales Professionals from Everyone Else who Sells

Come discover practices that distinguish world class sales pros from everyone else who sells.


In 2006, my friend Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and publisher of Selling Power Magazine suggested I submit the Sales Autopsy Training Experience for a Sales Excellence Award. This program is recognized
as a Finalist for Best Sales Training.

Eliminate the #1 problem all salespeople face
(yes, that would include you)

Old School is closed – discover what strategies really work and which are now merely myths

Did you know one great opening is worth 10,000 closes – do you crash on contact or offer a fabulous first impression?


Attendees - receive a copy of the business best-seller,
Sales Autopsy, when you attend. Other fabulous prizes will be
given out during the training; Revenge of the Reps video game,
The Sales Comic Book and more!

Create Customized, Casual Conversations that Motivate
Buyers to Buy.

Resurrect your Selling with the Death of “I’ll think it over.”

Forget Complex Buyer types, you only Sell to Two – who are they?




Move to the city of your dreams?
Live on the beach, in the mountains, the downtown of your favorite place?
Drive the car of your dreams?
Lexus, Mercedes, the best SUV you could wish for?
Buy the toys and tools of your dreams?
What will you wear, where will you play? Who will you share it with?


See and Apply Three Brilliant Objection-handling Strategies – bring your 6 toughest objections and generate 48 extraordinary responses.

Have you ever done something really, really stupid on a sales call?
The Confession Session is guaranteed to have you laughing at the sales tales of your colleagues. Prizes awarded for those brave enough to confess!

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Do your Earnings Fluctuate as Wildly as John Travolta’s Acting Career?

"For lack of training, they lacked knowledge. For lack of knowledge, they lacked confidence. For a lack of confidence, they lacked victory."

-- Julius Caesar, internationally acclaimed dead guy

Are you Unique or Antique - how do you distinguish yourself from all those sales dogs hounding buyers?

You Do Not Need To Memorize A System The Length Of A Freight Train To Sell Well. If you do use a system, this one-day investment will reinforce the critical elements of that sales process.

Triple the Potency of Existing Sales Approaches with The Power of Humor, The Wisdom of Stories and The Collective Brainpower of your Peers.

Do you have all the Sales you Want? If you can say "yes," go ahead and take the rest of the day/ week/ month off (select one).

If you’re happy with how things are, good for you, there is no need to read further.

However, you now know that sales success is not a straight line rising upward. It consists of ebb and flow, including days of celebration mixed with periods of mourning. You can still control and increase that upward surge in closed business - by educating yourself with a one-day investment in Sales Autopsy.

Buy now you’ve read enough to know how this program can build your sales skills, look at prospects in a new light and hear the accolades of peers and family when your earnings accelerate skyward.

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If you are a sales manager or rep who uses a selling system, this program will not compete or conflict with any of your methods. This workshop focuses on addressing and fixing the biggest problems sales reps encounter. Contact Dan to discuss how this event will help your team's performance.

Close the gap between you and greatness in a fun one-day experience.

Dan is a professional trainer and business humor writer whose columns and programs teach over 2 million sales pros and entrepreneurs like you how to take more money home. He has been designated one of the “Top 12 Sales Coaches in America.”

Selling Power Magazine recently recognized the Sales Autopsy program as a finalist for best sales training program in their Sales Excellence Awards.

Dan is a World Master’s athlete with two gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team.

During this experience you’ll love the “confession session” where colleagues brave enough to share their most embarrassing moment will win fabulous prizes.

This is a incredible investment! What better way to gain wisdom and experience: Bring a friend who sells and build into your careers in a way that can have incredible impact on your earnings!

Reach Dan Seidman for questions or 1-847-359-7860.